About Us

Welcome to Fiducia Consultancy

Fiducia Consultancy Private Limited is a hub of multiskilled professionals with the aim of providing value added services in the field of Accounts & Finance. The company has been incorporated with the objective of providing quality services to corporate and acting as a reliable partner in the pursuit of their objectives.
The Company believes in providing synergy to the clients business by providing end to end solutions to all the non core activities within the horizon of Accounts & Finance.
We believe in upholding the highest standards of business ethics with a dedicated commitment to total quality output. We have built up a networked team of dedicated professionals in each field of the services that we offer.

Vision & Values

At Fiducia, We understand the importance of defining our vision and values to ensure consistency in the products and services that we provide you.
Fiducia aspires to be as One of the most preferred and first choice of all our Business Associates. We thrive on working with our clients, not as mere associate but as their Business Change partners.
Fiducia has always sought to be a value-driven organization. These values continue to direct the organization growth and businesses.
The five core Fiducia values underpinning the way we do business are:
Trust: Trust is the basis of good relationship. Transparency is one of the ways to reflect trust. We believe that transparency educates and empowers people and in turn strengthens the organization.
Client Value Creation: Improving our clients, business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence.
Respect for the Individual: Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Merit & Performance: To be successful in the long term, the organization needs to create a better value for its customers. Hence passion for performance is vital at Fiducia. Its calls for continuously surpassing one-self in reliability, excellence and innovation. This passion in turn paves the way for materializing ones true potential. To encourage passion, it is vital to have a culture of meritocracy.
Unity: We must work cohesively with our colleagues and with our customers, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.